Globe urges mobile customers to replace old SIMs with LTE SIMs for free

Globe is calling its mobile customers to replace their old and obsolete SIMs to LTE SIM cards to experience better mobile data service. Enjoy the digital lifestyle that has changed the way Filipinos live, work, and play today.

Since December 18, 2019 Globe has been sending text messages to customers who continue to use their old and obsolete SIMs.  If you received a message, just go to your nearest Globe Store to get a SIM replacement.  Switching to an LTE SIM is FREE of charge and very easy. You will retain your old number when you switch to an LTE SIM card.

How do you know if you have an old and obsolete SIM? You can check if you are still using a 3G SIM simply by texting SIM Check to 8080.

Having an LTE SIM offers a lot of benefits that will elevate and change your mobile digital experience.

For starters, latching to the LTE network empower users with higher speed, a must especially for gamers, people on the go or those who really need information fast.   But more importantly, having an LTE SIM provides better mobile data experience.

What's the difference between an LTE SIM card against an old and obsolete SIM?

LTE SIM Card Features:

  • Speed is the big difference as 4G brings broadband to your phone. It is up to 10x faster than 3G. For example: To download a five-minute video with an LTE SIM card will only take one minute.
  • To download a two-hour movie will take 30 minutes.
  • Faster access to the internet, faster loading of pages, watch YouTube videos without buffering.
Old and obsolete SIM:

  • To download a five-minute video will take four minutes or more.
  • To download the same movie will take three and a half hours or more.
  • Buffering will be experienced.

Get to celebrate the new decade with your new LTE SIM card. Go to your nearest Globe store now.

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