Free Vegetarian Cookbook: Simply Veggie compiled by HALA Batch 13

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As I posted before, I attended the HALA study program from May to June of this year. We had a variety of lessons and activities, and one of the most exciting ones was the Vegetarian Cooking Class with Teacher Susan Tung and Teacher Ah King. For two months every Monday, we spent it in the Kitchen of Fo Guang Shan Mabuhay Temple in Manila learning special vegetarian dishes. I can attest that "All Buddhas come from the kitchen," saying is true.

One of my classmates in HALA had an idea of creating a small 'cookbook' of recipes we learned in this class. I helped out as compiler and editor, and here is the finished product, a simple 23-page recipe booklet. Note that some recipes here are classified as 'lacto-ovo vegetarian' which means some contains animal products such as milk and eggs.

This has been from the effort of all 6 HALA Batch 13 students: Me, Kat, Adrian, Rezza (four from the Philippines), Rosario (Argentina), and Tiago (Portugal). Thank you also to those who taught us cooking: Teachers AK Lim, Ah King, and Susan Tung.

From the Introduction I wrote:
This simple cookbook is a collection of recipes we have learned from the Cooking class in the Humanistic Academy of Life and Arts (a.k.a. “HALA”) in Fo Guang Shan Mabuhay Temple, Manila, Philippines, from May 1-June 24, 2018. HALA is a free program where we learn Buddhist living, study Buddhism and various activities such as cooking, meditation, art, exercises, singing, and more.

The idea for this short recipe book was originally from Tiago, who wanted to have a simple cookbook of the recipes we learned to also share for the generous donors, BLIA members, students, and the general public who also want to try simple vegetarian dishes.

The first precept of the five precepts of Buddhist practice is “No killing,” thus Buddhists practice Vegetarianism. During our stay in the temple, we realized that vegetarian food can be tasty, simple, and inexpensive. These are basic recipes that you can modify to your own taste and liking. We hope that readers could try one and see for themselves. The recipes included here can be classified as “Lacto-ovo vegetarian,” which means meat is not included but some animal products may be included such as milk and eggs.

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