Registered Filipino librarians can now use 'RL' on their names

Excuse me, Atty.'s, M.D.'s, R.N.'s, Dr.'s. Now registered librarians in the Philippines can use RL to append their names. Example:
Malditang Librarian, RL

Professional Regulatory Board for Librarians (PRBFL) Resolution No. 03(A) - Series of 2017: Allowing Only Registered and Licensed Professional Librarians to Use and Append to Their Names the Professional Title "RL" was approved last September 8, 2017 now allows Registered Librarians to append RL to their names. Only licensed and registered librarians can use this.

The definition of a licensed librarian in the Philippines according to RA 9246 or The Philippine Librarianship Act of 2003: "refers to an individual who is a bona fide holder of a Certificate of Registration and Professional Identification Card issued by the Professional Regulatory Board for Librarians and by the Professional Regulation Commission in accordance with this Act."

According to this resolution by the PRBFL, "the use and appending of a professional title to one's name gives or tends to give an impression that the bearer thereof is a bona fide and registered professional." I think this is also a way of promoting the profession and make more people aware of the professional status of librarians in the Philippines.

However, the resolution also states that "the Board seeks to bar any person from misleading or misrepresenting to the public that he/she is a registered and licensed professional through the use or appending of professional titles to one's name, when in truth and in fact, he/she is not." 

You can read the whole text of the Resolution through this link.

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