Creating Stories: 'Digi Hub Session' experience

While browsing on Facebook for reviews of cafes in Megaworld Iloilo, I stumbled upon the page of Book Latte (if you like books and coffee, try it) and registered for an event that sounded interesting: Creating Stories. It was affordable and included food, so I thought I might give it a try.

The event was hosted by Nile on Weekends, and there were three speakers who talked about three different topics. The first topic by the host was on blogging, and the speaker introduced what blogging is, its advantages, and blogging ethics.

Interesting to note that due to current events, blogging is under the spotlight (a kind of negative one). Mocha Uson is under heat in a Senate Hearing about Fake News, and we have heard her say "Hindi po ako Journalist, I'm a blogger" and Nancy Binay saying in reply, "It’s high time for you to decide if you want to be a blogger or if you want to be an Asec." In all these, blogging seems to have gotten a bad image.

However, Nile's point was that as bloggers or ordinary posters in social media, we should also be socially responsible. We should also verify and check if what we post or share are valid information from reliable sources. I'm glad that he advocates positive use of blogging, social media, and wants to form a community of bloggers and writers in the city.

Cris Antonio was the second speaker on the topic of Content Writing. She discussed important aspects of online writing such as crafting attractive headlines, and introduced many free tools available online that can help content writers, bloggers, and regular social media posters.

The last speaker was Gerthrode Charlotte Tan-Mabilog, a familiar name and face as she's been a long-time newscaster for GMA7. You may know her in Ratsada, the local news show before 24 Oras. She talked about media ethics and how it applies to both journalists and bloggers. I really liked how she talked in person, which was informative and amusing at the same time as she shared her experiences during her time in the field as a broadcast journalist.

I'm glad that I attended even though it was short, and at 150 pesos for a small, informative seminar was a great deal. The food was good, too. I do hope the community it wants to grow will flourish.

Read more on this event: "Iloilo Digi Hub: Everyone has a story worth sharing!" from Nile on Weekends' blog.

From Nile on Weekend's Facebook page:

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