2017 Board exam for librarians

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This post is about the 2017 Librarian Licensure Exam. For information about the current exam, please go to:

2021 Librarian Licensure Examination: What you need to know

Today, my students in the Librarians' Licensure Exam Review in CPU will be taking the board exam until tomorrow. I hope that anyone who reads this will also pray that they will have the wisdom to answer and succeed in the exam. There are 10 students who will take the exam from CPU and I have confidence that they will do well. PRC just opened a testing center in Iloilo and there will be 17 who will take the exam. Most of my students will be taking it in Manila.

It's my first time to teach this semester and also my first time to teach in a review class for the board exam. The important thing is to know the basics of each subject, learn to analyze multiple-choice exams, and the most important thing is faith coupled with hard work.

The results will most likely come out on Friday or Monday next week. For sure the results will also be posted here.

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