The Sunday Currently | 06

I was sick for a week. I started on antibiotics last Monday and inhaling Salbutamol. I knew I was going to get sick because I've been staying up late for many consecutive nights. I don't want to seem like "Look I'm so busy" but despite having academic honors, I am not a very organized person and my problem for years has been procrastination. Here are some of the 'roles' I'm playing and I admit I'm overwhelmed.

  • Teaching one subject for college undergraduates for the first time
  • Handling the Review for the Board Exams for those who will take the Librarians' Licensure Exam on September
  • Graduate school with two subjects: Research and Statistics
  • Being on the committee of the Social Work Department's project on Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking - I'm the writer of one of the modules
  • I'm the Secretary of the Western Visayas council of PLAI (Philippine Librarians' Association), and there's a major regional seminar on September and its a big role with many responsibilities involved - and we must make the technicalities smooth for everyone especially librarians who will attend the seminar
  • Being involved in church and an upcoming new commitment as a small group leader and engaging new people in church
Sometimes I just look at the bulk of little tasks to do and I end up not doing them at all, and I'm ashamed to call myself a librarian (a licensed one at that) and look at all the paper and clutter I'm accumulating. Sometimes I push myself to work and instead of focusing I need to tackle the mess first.

Don't get me started on teaching. I like it but there's a pressure - you need to know more than the students and the expectation that I'm the board topnotcher is overwhelming... I shouldn't let it affect me and I should do what I can. I just need to learn to do things earlier, especially my own readings and studying. 

I installed SelfControl for my laptop so I can block distracting social media sites when I'm working. It seems that most of my days is facing this screen. I hope I make some progress this Sunday. Sorry that I'm complaining here, but I also need to make a change. 

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