Code of Ethics for Professional Librarians (Philippines)

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This is the Code of Ethics for Professional Librarians in the Philippines. You can download the official PDF document at the PRC Website.


Librarians, mindful of their role in the development of knowledge and culture and the enrichment of people’s lives, seek the highest standards of ethical behavior in their relations with their schools, their clients/employers, the librarianship profession and colleagues, agencies and associations and the public.

Librarians with the State, Society and Public

  1. Librarians shall uphold the Constitution, obey the laws of the land, and respect duly constituted authorities. 
  2. Librarians shall promote literacy and education of the public by making the resources and services of the library known and accessible to its users. 
  3. Librarians shall uphold and promote the right to information as well as abide by the provisions of the intellectual property law. 
  4. Librarians shall be partners with the community they serve in inculcating nationalism practicing Filipino values and preserving the country’s historical, cultural, and intellectual heritage. 

Librarians with Librarianship Profession 

  1. Librarians shall uphold the dignity and integrity of the profession
  2. Librarians shall keep their reputation above reproach and shall so conduct themselves to gain public esteem and respect for the library and for the profession. 
  3. Librarians shall not assist in the unauthorized practice of librarianship.
  4.  Librarians shall treat each other with respect, courtesy, and sincerity and shall avoid maligning the reputation, competence, and capability of their colleagues. They shall not use any unfair means to gain professional advancement. 
  5. Librarians shall strive to improve, enhance, and upgrade their professional knowledge, skills, and competencies through formal and informal means. 
  6. Librarians shall endeavor to uphold the highest standards in the practice of the profession. They shall adopt and live by this motto: C A N I - Constant and Never-ending Improvement of the quality and standards of professional services. 
  7. Librarians shall adhere to the principles of due process and equality of opportunity in their relationship with fellow workers especially their colleagues. 
  8. Librarians shall maintain membership, participate and cooperate in the endeavors of library association/s to enhance the effectiveness of the profession. 
  9. Librarians shall participate and cooperate in all the endeavors of library association/s to enhance the effectiveness of the profession. 
  10. Librarians shall be vigilant in the protection of all library resources placed under their care.
  11. Librarians shall be entitled to a just and fair fee for consultancy and other professional services.

Librarians with the Suppliers, Publishers, Dealers, etc.

  1. Librarians shall choose suppliers and publishers exclusively on the basis of the quality of goods, costs, and services. 
  2. Librarians shall refuse all personal gratuities. 
  3. Librarians shall never enter into business transactions prejudicial to the library, but unwisely favorable to their own interest. 

Librarians with the Clients and/or other Users of their Professional Services. 

  1. Librarians shall provide courteous, prompt, adequate, skillful and accurate responses to all requests for assistance. 
  2. Librarians shall keep in confidence, information acquired in the course of professional service. They shall protect the client’s right to privacy with respect to information sought or received and materials consulted, borrowed, or acquired through the library. 
  3. Librarians shall render impartial service to all library users regardless of their race, beliefs, age, gender, or social status. Librarians shall refuse gifts or favors from clients and library suppliers for personal interest. 
  4. They shall avoid using the library’s resources to the detriment of services which the library render to its users.

A Registered Librarian who is found guilty for violation of any provision in this Code by the Board after his/her investigation shall be subject to a disciplinary action of either revocation of his/her Certificate of Registration or suspension thereof which the Board shall impose thereto after his/her due investigation.

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