Chinkee Tan shares The Power to Create Wealth at Victory Iloilo

I've been reading the blog of speaker Chinkee Tan for some time now. His insights on money and how we spend it hits me most of the time and inspires me to save rather than spend. When Victory Church invited him to speak for free yesterday night, I didn't miss the opportunity to attend. I'm glad I did! He was previously an actor alongside comedians such as Randy Santiago and Bayani Agbayani, but he left showbiz to pursue business. Mr. Tan delivers lessons on money in a real and funny way, the audience was bursting with laughter most of the time.

Its worth it to hear Mr. Chinkee Tan speak at least once in your life, I think writing doesn't come close to how well he speaks and how funny he is in real life.

Here are the lessons that I've learned from him:

We all want to be wealthy. We all want to provide for ourselves and our families, and enjoy life. Though most of the time, we have problems with money and debt. We want to enjoy life, but the money doesn't always seem to be enough. Chinkee Tan says that the problem is not about the money but the mindset. 

Since our mindset affects everything, a positive mindset makes us win in life better than being negative. We must choose positive people around us as well, as negativity is infectious. Wealth doesn't only come from "sipag at tiyaga" but "sipag, tiyaga, karunungan, and diskarte."

Negative mindset + negative action = Negative Result;
Positive mindset + positive action = Positive Result! Change of mind, change of life.

Most of the time, we think of spending rather than saving money for the future. If we think of our instant gratification NOW rather than our security in the future, then it is inevitable that we will spend and spend.

Chinkee Tan asked us to be more conscious of where we spend our money, even with small amounts. Imagine bottled water. For 7-10 pesos, we are not only paying for the water but the plastic bottle, cap, label, advertising, and shipping. If we buy bottled water everyday, imagine how many pesos we can save everyday if we choose to refill a water bottle instead of buying! These also applies to cigarettes, coffee, lotto tickets, and those little things that cost little coins, but add up to thousands of pesos over many years of spending.

Its not that we should deprive ourselves of these things, but we should buy things within our budget and start being conscious of the money we spend without thinking. Money saved is money earned. 

We should learn to save while we are earning a small amount of money, because how can we learn to manage more money if we didn't learn how to handle it when it was small? Some people, even they earn a lot, still don't have enough due to the wrong mindset and improper spending.

Chinkee Tan also illustrated the difference between poor and rich people. One thing he noticed was rich people invest in education, while those who are considered poor invest more in entertainment. Rich people have ideas all the time, and they are not only thinking of now but the future generations.

We should also save money for emergencies and our retirement. The rich invest their money in things that can make money 'grow'.

During the question-and-answer portion for the last part of the program, someone asked about tithing and I love Chinkee's answer: God owns everything, so in tithing we are only giving back what rightfully belongs to Him. The point is, we can never outgive God. He only asks for the tenth of our income, and yet he blesses us with abundance beyond what we deserve.

Chinkee Tan also has a free mobile app for Android and iOS, and he has radio talk show, Chink Positive, on Aksyon Radyo (AM 720) every Sunday at 6 to 8 AM.

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