5 School Essentials you can’t leave home without

1. Your notebook and pen.
The notebook and pen may be the most important invention in all of civilization. The notebook and pen is enduring even through technological change: portable and light, trusty information storage without faulty back-ups or batteries running out. Take notes while listening in class or doodle while pretending to listen in class. Research shows that our brains remember more when we write things down.

2. Yellow pad.
Quizzes and exams for class still use the classic yellow pad. Write your essay drafts for requirements and exams. Have your own yellow pad, so you don't waste time still asking for some from your classmates!

3. Handy highlighters.
Don’t you just love highlighters? A fresh set of candy-colored pens to make your readings less boring. Highlighters help us focus in studying so you don’t miss he most essential points and concepts. A little color and creativity helps our memory remember what we studied.

I personally like using the neon-green Faber Castell highlighter, as I read in Candy magazine that green is the color that can help our minds remember the most.

4. The Laptop.
You can’t survive college without a laptop you can trust. This is your workstation for research, reports, and powerpoint presentations. This can also be your entertainment for idle times and breaks. Watch movies, listen to music, or play games.

5. Your smartphone.
Other than your laptop, a smartphone is arguably the most essential item of your student life. It can be a computer and camera in your pocket. Edit reports on the fly while collaborating with your classmates. Read your notes, share them, and discuss ideas in your classes. Talk to your family at home if you live faraway from school. Capture and share your unforgettable college memories which you can laugh over years later. With a reliable phone, school and life has become easier.

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