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"Maybe you met not so you can be together, but for both of you to learn something," because Princess was complaining why do people meet when being together is impossible?

Today is my older brother's 27th birthday, he's studying Law in Manila. Meanwhile here at home my mother is cooking pasta so we can celebrate even if the birthday boy is absent. I'm turning 24 next month, how fast time flies! There's still so much to experience in life, yet I feel like I also wasted time. 

Last night a friend invited me to their church for another talk on love, this month's favorite topic. The theme was #Throwback: the Origin of Love, and people were required to dress in a Vintage theme (I just chose a blue-and-grey dress and pinned a gold-plated opal brooch for effect), CDs and casette tapes were used as decorations. My generation still used diskettes for computer files, casette tapes to listen to music,  overhead projectors for presentations. To think that those things could now be considered ancient! Now, everything is fast and wireless, and technology is on the fast highway of progress.

The world is changing, but we humans still ask the same questions. Our problems with Love and our search for it are still the same. Love is a universal human experience, all of us have felt its highs and lows. It can give us the greatest happiness, but it also brings us pain. How the world defines love is very different from how God defines it.

Agape is the word for God's love, meaning: good will, benevolence, willful delight of the object of love, it involves faithfulness, commitment, and it is an act of will. A choice. Real love is Christ, real love can only come from God. It is not fickle like human love, it is constant and unconditional. We don't deserve grace, yet out of love, God wants us to be right with him. 

Know the origin of love and experience it for yourself, and only then can you truly love others.

A simple but difficult truth. 

I just finished From Love that Hurts to Love that's Real: a recovery workbook by Sylvia Peterson yesterday. It made me think that when we were teenagers, most of us were curious and wanted to know all about sex. Young people at that age usually talk about it, but no one ever talks about the destructive effects of love and relationships. Love is great, but this 'love' has a dark side: adultery, addiction, obsession, and destructive physical intimacy.

We seek out partners who we think can fulfill our unmet needs, most that had roots in childhood. Our parents influenced our feelings and thinking. This book allows us to explore our history and know ourselves. When love hurts us, its usually because we think that something outside ourselves can make us happy. We must be content, happy, and whole within ourselves first before we can let go of destructive relationships and pursue healthier ones. How I wish we talked more about health and recovery in relationships than focusing on looking for or pursuing relationships that destroy us rather than build us.


The Weeknd


Coffee feels different on Sundays. Better. But I mistook the salabat for sugar, and got a weird ginger-flavored coffee. So I got another cup. The pasta my mother is cooking smells heavenly. 🍲

Time to write. But I have to commit. The ideas in my head will find another writer if I don't get them down soon!

...that people focus on more important things than superficial love.

All black except for the white tribal prints on my cotton long-sleeve shirt.

I bought a set of metallic color pens and I love it.

Feeling... nothing for the meantime. The same as usual. Til next Sunday. ☀

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