Starting graduate school

Central Philippine University, MLIS Batch 2016! First picture together.
Two years after graduating, a lot of things has happened and life changes. I had worked, and working for a living to support yourself gives you a new perspective on life. You learn that not everything you learned in school will be useful in real life or actual work. You learn that theory is different from application, and even if you know the work, doing it is different. I understood how it was to work with other people, and to do the best work you can. I worked in a Buddhist temple, and what a change from life at home! I learned a lot.

I quit my job and decided to enrol in graduate school back in my hometown because I miss studying - unlike work where tasks and projects are ongoing and you can't see the end, there is some comfort actually in the definite projects and the grade to achieve. That, and for career development. At work I was doubting everything I was doing, and its good to be near my teachers who can help, who I can ask advice in work and life.

Unlike your undergrad days where the focus is on school full-time, being in grad school is more exciting because you, your teachers, and your classmates already have experience and classes are not just about theory but actual practical applications in libraries.

Studying is very different. You are expected to study and manage your own time unlike in college where sometimes we make up all sorts of excuses. Its more competitive and you are expected quality input in classes and projects. As professionals, learning is more self-directed and you are expected to be prepared! Of course, no more of the cutting classes and slacking off typical of college days.

New classmates are fun! You meet a lot of different people from different places and backgrounds, but you're in the same camaraderie of librarians (a marginalised and stereotyped group in our country) and facing similar problems. My school and my teachers have always been encouraging and supportive, and LIS students have always been a vibrant and active group. I like my new classmates!

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