Random poetry self-challenge on Facebook

I was bored one weekend so I asked my friends for topics to write about. Just to see if I can. I've been doing too much writing for years anyway, and I trust my own brain when it comes to writing now. I feel like some sort of magician who created a magic gem out of thin air. Topic? Here, a poem. Anyway the challenge is still open to whoever wants me to write a poem for any topic:

Someone typed 'Doraemon', probably as a joke:
A little blue alien monster
has a lot of hidden treasures in his magic pocket
That will promise to solve all your problems
but he is just a cartoon in a children's story
and we all grew up
to only realize...
that things don't come that easy
...and we all have to help ourselves

Days and days pass with me replaying the same old things
lying down in bed, the pillow wet with inexplicable tears
an unseen weight heavy on my body, and thoughts louder than anything
the sun passes through my window
and I spend the night again
with my only painful lover, my ever loyal friend
Here we go again...

Someone typed 'Pak ganern' and I didn't know if it was a reaction to that previous poem. The expression generally means, like surprise? So the first thing that came to mind was broken love, even though everyone knows that romance gives me allergy.

There are some moments in life
that you are so surprised that what you have been wishing for came true
but you didn't believe it when it happened
that you returned the gift
like that boy who returned for you
but you
were too much of a coward, that you ran away again
now you wonder where he is
and now, there is nothing left
but a memory of a smile
and a boy-shaped crack
in your scotch-taped heart

Someone who is about to take the board exam gave me the topic, 'Pressured'.
Sometimes I am slightly angry, that I have to keep up
with the expectations of everyone
my mother, my teachers, my friends
to do this, do that
I just want to live for myself for once
and imagine doing what I really want
get away from everything and hop into a real adventure
throw all this paperwork and head to the beach
sleep and listen to animals in a real forest
but until then, I have no other choice
but stay here do all these things
because I just have to.

A cousin whose wife is here in the Philippines while he's living and working in New Zealand gave me the topic 'Long Distance Relationships', and even though I never experienced that, this poem came out of me:

Messages through Facebook, your face only glimpsed through video chats
a grainy smile, the distance making your voice crack
through wireless connections and digital wires
I only see you in screens, and though
I want very much, to hold you
I can only smile and wait
because even if I have to wait for years
I am confident, and I can wait forever
because I know, that all this waiting
will be nothing, when the right time comes
that we will see each other again...

EDIT: MORE POEMS. Last Night, three more topics:

People asking for rice
the tables dirty with oil and uneaten food
Leftovers heaping on plates
Flies flying and feasting
more shouts for the waiter
while hungry beggars and starving children
stand outside the glass walls
to look on with longing at what remains
and at night, they will rummage through the garbage cans
and eat our trash... 
a dinner along with cockroaches and rats...

They found my dead brother
wrapped like a mummy in silver duct tape
 a cardboard written with ugly pentelpen writing
distilling his life in one word
his flesh is rotting beneath all the adhesive
and I burst into tears
when they slowly unwrapped him
his eyelids and mouth opening while the tape rolled away
showing dead eyes and a rictus grin
and I will never see
that beautiful smile again

And this has got to be my favorite, a cousin asked for Eternal Love.
Nothing is more perfect and enduring
than the love of God
man and money and fame
only brings fleeting joy
and desire only leads us to suffer
all else can end, lovers come and go
even friends and brothers can betray and desert us
but there is no fear, no tears
when one relies on the everlasting light
standing on solid ground of steadfast faith
of the trust that even in death
that no matter what happens
God's arms are ever open
to welcome us back, and heal our hearts.

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