5 practical reasons to use the library

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Every time I tell people I'm a librarian, its expected that they are surprised that librarians still exist. They look at me with confused stares, saying that 'there's the internet now anyway', but this reaction is common among students who never went in the library and discovered its treasures. So if you are a student or a professional who looks at your local library with disdain, please hear me out. You're lucky you have a library so you might as well use it! I won't write an essay about how books and information and librarians are important, but its enormously practical and can help you with your everyday life.

1. It will help you save money on books, magazines, and newspapers. Libraries have a lot of unused, interesting books that not many people read. So if you're interested in a topic or would like to read fiction books, its better to hit up and search the catalog than go to a bookstore to buy books. Why? Because at least, in libraries, you can borrow at no cost and you can return the book at the library any time you want if you dislike it. There are also magazines and newspapers available in the library for your use, so you don't have to buy them anymore.

If you want a quiet place to study and stay, libraries are better than coffee shops. Its less expensive and you can stay for a long time without buying expensive drinks! Free aircon, too.

2. It will help you save space. Especially for book addicts out there. I have way too many books at home. Whereas if you start making borrowing books from the library a habit and reduce your time collecting books, you also reduce hoarding.

3. Sometimes older books are better than newer books. Some people are turned off that there are more old books than new books in the library. The truth is, libraries face shrinking budgets and sometimes find it difficult to acquire new books. Also, the library buys books according to budget, their subject focus, and selections by students and faculty. But I find that if you take the time to open them, there is something about voices from the past that can inform us today. Try reading those books, because most likely they can't be found anywhere except in your library!

4. The library is a distraction-free place. Most students still need a space where they can focus in studying. However, the library can also be a place to hide if you want to get away from distractions. I find that if I want to write, the library is an ideal place because its quiet, I can focus, without the distraction of the internet!

5. The library is a place for sharing. I think its great that the library is a practical place to borrow books and return them for another user. Its the original analog file-sharing physical site! The place is magic and we should all use the library!

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