"Who wrote the book on goodbye?"

Yesterday, there was supposed to be a meet-up with some classmates from my college batch. Only two of us showed up. Another didn't feel so well after a trip. The one who told us to meet didn't show up and only told us the last minute that she was going somewhere else. I felt a mild annoyance, because this person doesn't always show up when she says she's going to, that I now feel that you can't trust her to keep agreed appointments. It feels as if she doesn't respect other people's time... I was about to finish our last output for a subject yesterday but moved it for today because I wanted to see them. Well, I don't think I'll be able to trust her if she plans something, though she's still my friend.

Though I did get to see one classmate and we ate mango pizza at SouthPoint at SM City. Today, I met with my only classmate (there's only two of us in class) to finalize a simple video presentation about the Reference Services in the Library. We met with my other friend from yesterday and had cake and coffee. The video file has been subtitled, saved, burned on CD, and tomorrow I will submit it. Then I will have around two weeks to rest before classes start, first semester again. Only two but demanding subjects for the Masters' degree to take: Research and Statistics, but I better open books and familiarize the subjects before classes start.

All the mundane stuff of life. My life must be very boring to the non-existent reader.

Its good to see rain nowadays, the heat of summer has passed and now we have wet streets and dirty, muddy shoes. I am trying to read Moby Dick, and it's excellent so far. The journey is starting, Ishmael is onboard the whaling ship Pequod. 

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