FORWARD [Victory series on Discipleship]

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I have been writing about the series discussed in Victory Iloilo. The year started with Knowing God, on the character of our Creator. Last February, the series SelfLess was focused on the Christian perspective on True Love. Last Holy Week season, the series Beyond the Signs focused on the seven miracles of Jesus from the Gospel of John.

The current series which ends this Sunday is Forward, with a focus on the topic of discipleship. As followers of Christ, we are also called to teach and disciple others, and model the way for them to follow Christ as well. This is in line with Victory Church's vision as a movement which is to "Honor God and Make Disciples."

For me, this is the most difficult aspect of being a new Christian. I am still growing and I am making a lot of mistakes along the way, and I'm not that confident enough to share the Gospel to others, how much more to disciple them! I am very grateful to my Christian teachers and my mature friends in Church.

I will share the 9 lessons from the 9 Sundays this series ran:

Spiritual Disciplines
Christians should practice spiritual disciplines and base their life on God's word. We must continually remember God as our source of life and survey our own lives for sin. Christians shouldn't remain stagnant but should pursue growth.

Essential Doctrines
As Christians, we have fundamental beliefs that distinguish us from other religious practices. The center of our faith is Christ himself: his confirmation as the son of God, his crucifixion, and his resurrection.

Life Change
Believers and those who truly obey Christ have experienced true life change. Christians should consider their stay on Earth as temporary, and we are called not to be attached to the things of this world but make the kingdom of God our priority and we must desire it above all things. We have undergone change through a new lifestyle according to God's word: now, we obey. We have new goals and a new standard of conduct - based on God and not ourselves.

Understanding the Gospel
As Christians, we must have the correct understanding of the Gospel, especially repentance. Without repentance and faith, there can be no transformation.

Preaching the Gospel
Jesus' last words before his ascension was a command for Christians to "preach the Gospel to all nations". The Gospel's importance is central to the Christian faith. The Gospel is for everyone, and it teaches that only Jesus Christ brings peace with God. Jesus preached and died for the gospel.

Discipleship Mandate
Peter was known to be a hard-headed disciple, who denied Christ three times. After the ascension, Peter changed to a disciple willing to die for Christ. Discipleship is a call to love, to follow, and to sacrifice for Christ.

Church Community
As Christians, we should not work alone and should be part of a church and community of Christians. We are part of the body of Christ, and we will not work or bear fruit if we are "apart from the vine."

Relational Unity
As Christians, we are called to be united and not divided.

Shared Life
As Christians, we are called to a shared life with the church and community of believers and love one another, imitating the love of Christ.

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