A Fine December

The fields of Batuan, Oton...
This Christmas break, me and my college friends decided to give another friend a surprise Christmas party in their home in Oton! My friend is healing from an illness (but the good news is she's getting better and also very decided to heal and fight for herself).

They live near the farms and we walked around, then the visit turned to an impromptu Extra Challenge where we had to cross flimsy bamboo bridges over shallow ponds, cross a small creek (where I almost fell to the muddy water!). My other selfie-loving friend still took time to pose for picture-taking while I was trying very hard not to fall... grimacing to the camera... really wanting to push my friend to the water for making me suffer (not really).

Grace, Gold, Liza, Rowena and 'Kap' Rean
Walking on the fields.
Too bad some of my other batchmates couldn't come due to busy jobs and conflicting schedules. Only me, 'Kap' Rean, Gold, Rowena, and Grace went to visit Liza, brought our own food and ate on wooden benches outside their house. Its almost been a year since we last met together in Coffeebreak around last year's Christmas vacation too.

And tonight we had a dinner at Nang Kherzy's house with the girls in my church small group. We meet once a week to talk about God and discuss the week's sermon. So far, I've seen that it helps you if you also have other friends who can keep you accountable in your Christian life. I'm always looking forward to each meeting for the new insights and sharing of experiences with each other. I hope that we all grow even stronger next year! And I hope that we will also share the wonderful gift of Christ not just in our church and group, but also to others who need to hear the message.

December is often a busy month with all the reunions and parties, but I hope we don't forget that we are celebrating a momentous event - the birth of Christ, God made flesh who redeemed us from sin.

Next up... my high school's reunion and Christmas party on the 28th! Just thinking about it makes me embarassed and cringe about my high school self, but I should remember that all of us have grown up and we'll just remember the good old times and laugh it off.

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